Grand Fantasia is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG developed by EASYFUN Entertainment the same folks who made HolyBeast Online. Like HolyBeast Grand Fantasia is a brightly themed game with anime-inspired graphics. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the game is its detailed Sprite pet system. Fans of cute anime inspired games like Luna Online and Fiesta Online should certainly be able to find something to like in Grand Fantasia but even though the game has fluid gameplay and attractive graphics it does little to push the genre forward. Even though the game doesn t exactly revolutionize the genre Grand Fantasia is still a high quality free MMO that s well worth checking out. Players start off their journey in Grand Fantasia as a classless novice and can chose their first class at level 5. The game s first four job advancements are Fighter - Fighters are all around capable melee characters with a large pool of hitpoints. They can use the heaviest armor in the game which makes them excellent for absorbing damage. Fighters become Warriors at level 15 and can become either Paladins or Berserkers at level 30.Hunters - Hunters are an agile damage dealing class. They can use both bows and dual weapons to defeat their enemies. Hunters become Archers at level 15 and can become either Assassins or Rangers at level 30.Acolyte Acolytes are the primary supportive class in Grand Fantasia. They can cast both healing and buff type spells which make them incredibly useful in any group. Acolytes become priests at level 15 and can become either Clerics or Sages at level 30.Spellcaster - Spellcasters are the primary offensive magic users in the game. They can cast powerful spells to quickly defeat their enemies. They are also one of the most fragile classes in the game as they tend to have the least hitpoints and defense in the game. Spellcasters become Mages at level 15 and can become either Wizards or Necromancers at level 30.

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