Black Prophecy is a feature rich space based MMORPG that s been in development for quite some time. During development it was uncertain what payment model the game would adopt. Fortunately it has recently been announced that the German publisher Gamigo has picked up the game as a free to play title. Black Prophecy will draw many similarities to the subscription based Eve Online but the two games are very different. While players can t leave their ships in either game Black Prophecy promises much more action oriented gameplay and a much lower learning curve. With a standard level based advancement system player will fight NPCs and complete missions to gain experience and gain access to more powerful ships amp weapons.Black Prophecy boasts a detailed backstory. An award-winning Sci-Fi author named Michael Marrack has been tasked with creating the rich universe in which the game takes place. PvP is also slated to play a large role in the game. Player run clans will be able to construct space stations and fight for control of resource generating stations. Ships design in Black Prophecy is heavily modular. Players will be able to mix and match various cockpits wings engines and so on of all shapes and sizes.Factions - The Tyi The GenidesAlien Race - The Restorers

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